BARTA modules for emergency responders are designed to support the safe resolution of incidents involving animals by assessing risk, determining a welfare centred plan and operating safely within the limitations of resources and skills. 

Aligned with Fire and Rescue Services National Occupational Standards and National Operational Guidance, modules will continue to develop in accordance with operational need and in collaboration with stakeholder expertise, providing a standard approach and joint understanding of risk, across agencies.

Humane Animal Dispatch

This module covers mandatory training for Hampshire Police volunteer Humane Animal Dispatch Team. The team respond to Deer vehicle collisions as part of the Police mobilisation protocols.

BARTA Team Leader (AR3) Pre-course 4/21

This three hour module has been created to prepare delegates for the four day Team Leader (AR3) course and looks at situational awareness, veterinary skills and transportation. 
Practical Date: 6th - 9th December 2021

BARTA 10 Steps to Situational Awareness (AR1)

The 10 steps to situational awareness is a process which can be used by emergency responders (and planners) to gain an understanding of animal, people and environmental risks to mobilise the correct resources and make good operational decisions.