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The BARTA Veterinary Professionals Hub...

This resource area has been created for all our students that have completed a BARTA Veterinary course. The area not only provides access to the course material, it also provides a space to connect with other Veterinary professionals. We want you to continue learning with BARTA and continue improving the way we all work together in the veterinary profession.
The BARTA Veterinary Professional Hub is a place for those who have already completed the BARTA VLAR 02 accredited course to communicate, collaborate and share their experiences.
Following on from the success of the 2017 BARTA UC Davis Incidents Involving Animals conference in 2017, we aim to develop the ideas from the workshops into a working model. 
Within this space Professor Josh Slater hosts a collaborative hub for the conference panel to develop global thinking on the top 10 Vet Emergency Response Team learning needs.