BARTA working groups are made up of experts from our stakeholder agencies and associations. Focus of the groups and participants are directed by current workstreams, set by the BARTA Board following consultation with industry and sector leads to determine priorities and objectives. 

BARTA advice and direction will, wherever possible be evidence based or a consensus opinion by industry leads. 

BARTA Working Groups

In this area the minutes and documents from both the Small and Large Animal Working Groups are held and accessible to members of both groups.

Animals in Water, on Ice or on Unstable Ground

A new project in its early stages looking specifically at water rescue of animals. The content is being developed by BARTA and ASAR Training (USA). 

BARTA / Australia / New Zealand Collaboration

This area hosts materials for development of an exciting new collaborative initiative in response to the management of animal related incidents in Australia and New Zealand

SAWG Project - Pre-vet IEC for Small Animals

The Small Animal Working Group project on Pre-vet IEC is looking to create guidance and protocols for both emergency responders and vets attending incident involving small animals. 

SAWG - LAWG Project - Animal Incident Euthanasia

Joint Working Group Project - In an attempt to standardise approach and technique both groups will look to create a guide for veterinary professionals, emergency responders and animal dispatch providers on safe, effective euthanasia using both chemical control and firearms.

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